NY Diner, Chiswick House, Bike on Albert Bridge – polaroids

Diner NY
This was taken with an iphone then on to film using the Instant Lab by impossible.
Very pleased with the results if the image is pre-processed taking in to account the films high contrast and low saturation.

Raw scan of photo


A visit to NY/NJ/PA/MA

Took a lot of photos on this trip, with Polaroids and this time black and white film too as I need fresh negatives to print in the darkroom that I’ve joined. Took for the first time iphone photos with the intention of actually using them somehow, maybe just for this site.

Chiswick House 1
Polaroid 669 with a Graflex 4X5

Chiswick House 1

The bike on Albert Bridge
Impossible SX70 film

The Bike on Albert Bridge

Channel 4 TV – Short Films for Random Acts and Animate Projects

I did the animation on these two films commissioned by Animate Projects for Random Acts on Channel 4 TV in collaboration with Vicki Bennett and Ergo Phizmiz.

Title of film: We Are Not Amused
Director: Vicki Bennett

Synopsis of film: Who knows where ideas come from? You or me? Or THEM? The Muses are angry and they want their ideas back! This is a story of thieving and reappropriation, staged on a mythological platform.

Title of film: The Golem, An Inanimate Matter
Name of filmmaker(s): Vicki Bennett

Synopsis of film: The Golem, a monstrous being of inanimate matter from Jewish folklore, is accidentally summoned from a book wreaks havoc through a library.

Link to stills from The Golem: http://peoplelikeus.org/2013/the-golem-on-channel-4-tv/

Random Acts/Channel 4 website

Screen shot 2013-09-03 at 11.31.00Crop