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Channel 4 TV – Short Films for Random Acts and Animate Projects

I animated these two films commissioned by Animate Projects for Random Acts on Channel 4 TV in collaboration with Vicki Bennett and Ergo Phizmiz.

Title: We Are Not Amused
Director: Vicki Bennett

Synopsis of film: Who knows where ideas come from? You or me? Or THEM? The Muses are angry and they want their ideas back! This is a story of thieving and reappropriation, staged on a mythological platform.

Title of film: The Golem, An Inanimate Matter
Name of filmmaker(s): Vicki Bennett

Synopsis of film: The Golem, a monstrous being of inanimate matter from Jewish folklore, is accidentally summoned from a book wreaks havoc through a library.

Link to stills from The Golem:

Random Acts/Channel 4 website

Screen shot 2013-09-03 at 11.31.00Crop